Assemblies and Birthdays



We hold an Assembly/Act of Collective Worship each day at 9.00 for children in Years 1 & 2.  Children in EYFS join the rest of the school on Friday throughout the year and join in with 'Special Assemblies' during the year e.g Remembrance, Harvest or when we invite visitors in to school.

Assembly is led by the Head Teacher on Monday and Friday, we have a singing assembly on Tuesday, class assemblies on Wednesday and the Deputy Head or a teacher leads assembly on Thursday.


On Fridays we hold a ‘Celebration Assembly’.  Children may bring in certificates or awards that they have achieved out of school to share with the rest of the children.   One child from each class is awarded a “well done” certificate for their learning during the preceding week, nominated by their teacher.  Each week one child will receive our ‘Kindness Award’.  They may be nominated by any adult or child in school who witnesses a genuine act of kindness or helpfulness.  The award is kept by the ‘awardee’ for a week and returned to school on the following Friday morning.  The class with the highest attendance for the week receives 'Attendance Ted', our weekly 'Buddies' are announced and the Lunchtime Win Bin winner is drawn.  School Council and the Eco Team sit on benches at the front of assembly on Fridays.


We celebrate birthdays during Friday Celebration assembly each week, the children can wear their own clothes to make them extra special for the day.  Children who have a birthday at the weekend may wear their own clothes on either the Monday after or the Friday before their birthday.  Children whose birthday is in the holiday may wear their own clothes on the first Friday back to school. 

Please be aware that it is completely optional for your child if they would prefer to wear their school uniform then that is absolutely fine.


Children with birthdays in the preceding week blow out the candles on our school ‘cake’ and receive a birthday badge.   We feel this is the most appropriate way to celebrate birthdays and, although we appreciate the thought, we ask parents not to send in birthday treats for their child’s class.