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Ascot Heath Primary School

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Family Support

My name is Steph Eyers and I am your Family Support Advisor here at Ascot Heath Primary School. Quite often I get asked what I do here and honestly I find it quite a hard question to answer because my job is so varied!

More often than not people have some misconceptions about what it means to work with me as a parent or have their children work with so I’m going to dispel some of those myths before I go on to what I can do.

  • You are not a bad parent or carer for needing some help and advice from me or anyone in school, quite frankly I think you are amazing for asking!
  • I do not have a list that I will put you or your child on, with a label that will stay with them forever
  • Working with me does not mean you are working with Children’s Social Care
  • If your child is in one of my groups it doesn’t mean they have an issue, they could be there to support a friend or simply to do something beneficial

Here’s what I can do for you and your child;

  • I can support you and your child through any difficult patches you may be having
  • I can help with any school issues that don’t quite fit under the teachers umbrella
  • I can refer you for extra support from other agencies (Speech and Language or Play therapy for example)
  • I can just sit and make you a cup of tea and listen
  • I do not judge
  • Everything you say to me is confidential, the only instance I would break confidentiality if I was seriously worried about you or your child
  • I do have coffee mornings where you can come and meet your friends after drop off
  • I do run courses to help you better understand your child
  • I do help children learn by making sure that they are happy and ready to access the curriculum

If you think that you could maybe benefit from having a chat with me please feel free to contact me using the following methods.

  • Email: fsa@ascotheathprimary.school
  • Telephone: 01344 882631
  • In person: Book an appointment through the school office or grab me when you see me!

What's on in the borough.............

  • Parenting courses - covering topics such as Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Managing Behaviour, Pre-teens and many more, please contact Steph for more details 
  • Time out for parents - a six week course covering all aspects of parenting, behaviour management and many more 
  • More events to follow