Summer Term

1st July 2019 

Chiltern Open Air Museum

The children had an amazing time during our whole school trip. They got the chance to explore a whole heap of things. We investigated lighting in the past and created our very own candles using beeswax. We also went pond dipping and tried to identify lots of different animals that may live in a pond. Finally, we got went back in time to have a go at washing and cleaning clothes without the use of a washing machine. The children fully immersed themselves and had great fun. Check out some pictures of them in action below. 

17th June 2019

Thank you everyone for coming to Rabbits class assembly. They were absolutely amazing! They have been so excited for the whole topic to present and show off what they have been learning about and they did not fail to impress. They really rose to the challenge and gave it their all with their lines, dance moves and singing. 


This week we have also been:

  • Looking at Heath-Robinson's artwork and sketching really detailed inventions
  • Recapping what we know about money and solving lots of money problems 
  • Reflecting on everything we have learnt in our history of transport topic and we created a fact file to share our knowledge
  • Using the 2code program to create a simple program
  • Developing our ball skills further and improving our reaction time and speed


10th June 2019

This week we have been:

  • Developing our skills in mental addition and subtraction
  • Exploring how to use codes and understand algorithms in computing
  • Designing our own futuristic transport model 
  • Researching George Stephenson and Henry Ford and what transport they invented
  • Comparing the similarities and differences of transport through the ages

3rd June 2019

This week we have been:

  • Learning how to build number sentences from a word problem
  • Consolidating our addition and subtraction skills
  • Researching the Wright Brothers and how they invented the aeroplane
  • Exploring a range of transport and how and why they have changed over time.

Plant Detectives

We have been investigating what plants need in order to grow. We started off with just a bean seed and gave it water and sunlight. We have been observing through a clear plastic bag over time and watching them grow and change in front of our very eyes. We saw exactly what happened, day by day and discussed what was changing with some possible suggestions as to why. To keep track of our observations we made our own bean diary as a record and by the end could label and describe the function of each part of the plant. After a while, the plants got too big to keep in the classroom and they were looking like they needed some good soil to survive so we planted them in the wild garden. We can now look after them and keep track on how they get on. Everyone showed such curiosity, empathy and nurture towards their plants and I am sure they will grow to make some tasty broad beans.

What a Lovely Day

Check out Rabbits class having a lovely time making some delicate leaf and bark rubbings on a hot and sunny summers day. They really got stuck in using waxed crayons and had great fun.

20th May 2019

This week we have been:

  • Consolidating our knowledge on repeated addition and using the multiplication sign
  • Revisiting 2D and 3D shapes and their properties
  • Exploring how to grow broad beans and planting them in the wild garden
  • Creating our own spring collage using a variety of materials including leaf and bark rubbings
  • Developing our ball skills and hand eye coordination  

13th May 2019

This week we have been:

  • Revisiting halving facts and learning how to find 1/2 of a number and 1/4 of an amount by sharing
  • Using our problem solving knowledge to work out fraction word problems
  • Exploring relationships in school and celebrating what we are good at
  • Developing our musical skills by creating our own rhythm patterns and sharing these with our peers
  • Using adjectives in our writing to make it more exciting

Special Food Tasting

The children loved talking about what food is special to them and their family and were incredibly brave tasting a huge variety of food from around the world. Thank you so much parents for bringing in something special from home and giving the children the opportunity to try something new and experience food that is special to their friends.

29th April 2019

This week we have been:

  • Consolidating our knowledge of mixed subtraction and addition using a 100 square and place value houses
  • Learning about Respect in the Little Bugs workshop 
  • Revisiting our cress investigation and discussing the results compared to our predictions
  • Talking about special relationships and creating our own family tree
  • Writing a list of what a good friend does and creating our own stories about friendship
  • Developing our ball control skills in PE

22nd April 2019

This week we have been:

  • Learning to divide by 2 and 4 by sharing an amount of objects.
  • Consolidating our knowledge of adding two two-digit numbers together.
  • Conducting an investigation about what plants need in order to grow using cress.
  • Sketching plants in the wild garden and learning about the different root systems
  • Planning and writing our own story about growing a flower