Welcome to Hedgehogs!

16th November 2018

This week we have been:

  • Looking at, naming and describing 3D shapes. We made 3D shape sculptures and went on a 3D shape hunt outside
  • Exploring money by ordering coins from the smallest value to the biggest value and counting amounts in a purse 
  • Practising my sewing/weaving skills and we have started sewing our hand puppets together
  • Writing the creation story thinking about using different sentence starters
  • Talking about what bullying looks like and discussed scenarios and what to do 
  • Deciding which musical sound fits with certain words and playing the chosen instruments in a song

My Target: Name everyday 3D shapes in your house

11th November 2018

This week we have been:

  • Retelling the beginning of the story of Pinocchio re-writing it sentence by sentence using capital letters, full stops and exciting vocab 
  • Consolidating our understanding of tens of ones by representing a 2-digit number in a variety of ways
  • Using lots of different ways to represent the answer of an addition/subtraction/word problem to prove we have the correct answer
  • Evaluating our puppet designs and have started the making process by cutting out our felt templates
  • Experimenting with change in tempo and sequencing movements for our puppet dance
  • Exploring beat a rhythm in music

My Target: Write a list of adjectives to describe yourself 

2nd November 2018

Science - Materials Venn Diagram 

In science we have been looking at the properties of lots of different materials. We can confidently sort everyday objects from around the classroom into groups by looking at and feeling them. This week we explored objects made of more than one material and thought how we could sort them using a Venn diagram. We decided that one circle could be just metal, one circle could be just plastic and in the middle can be objects with both metal and objects. 

Can you find any objects at home made of fabric, plastic or both and make a Venn diagram?

2nd November 2018

This week we have been:

  • Learning all about doubling and practising speedy doubling facts
  • Using doubling facts to solve number sentences adding 3 numbers (e.g. 4 + 3 + 4 = 11)
  • Planning several designs for my puppet using drawing and writing. We thought about what it will look like, who it is for and what it will do
  • Really creative and imaginative when coming up with a dance in the role of a string puppet
  • Investigating objects made up of more than one material and using a Venn diagram to represent this information
  • Looking at the creation story and how the Christian's believe the world began 

23rd October 2018

SHARK Place Value

Have a go at this place value game at home.

It is really simple. All you have to do is work out the number from the dienes quantity (tens sticks a ones cubes) and use your brilliant counting skills in 10s and then 1s to work out the number. 

But be careful that the shark does not come and eat your boat!

Give it a go here: http://www.ictgames.com/sharkNumbers/sharkNumbers_v5.html 

20th October 2018

This week we have been

  • Looking at 2-digit numbers and finding out how many tens and ones it has using dienes and arrow cards
  • Using my knowledge of tens and ones to start to order 2-digit numbers and say why one is bigger/smaller
  • Evaluating, editing and adding the finishing touches to our moving toy robots
  • Sequencing sentences together when writing a set of instructions on how to build a moving toy robot 
  • Discussing the weather and thinking about what kinds of clothes you would wear in autumn and why
  • Practising standing on one leg like a pirate for 30 seconds (both sides)

My target: Build a sentence, say it, write it and check if I remembered all of the words. (Maybe write a simple set of instructions)

14th October 2018

This week we have been

  • Using our plans and editing as we go to create the basic elements of our moving toy robot
  • Exploring the world around us and keeping an eye out for signs of autumn
  • Thinking about sequencing sentences together to create a short story
  • Introduced to Abbey the wise owl in RE and made our own creation
  • Investigating how addition can be done in any order and how it is easier to start with the biggest number
  • Comparing the difference between odd and even numbers and spotting them quickly
  • Using the whole part method (mickey mouse ears) to solve subtraction questions

My Target: Speedily spot whether a number is odd or even. 

In Real PE at the moment we are learning the skills we need to be a pirate.  This week we were practising to stand on one leg.  First for 10 seconds and then 30 seconds.  Ask us how we do our pirate counting!!

5th October 2018

This week we have been


  • Looking at the place value of teen numbers by finding '10 and a bit' with various objects around the classroom
  • Finding one more and one less of a number using a number line, objects or mentally
  • Writing a story using the Mighty Writer and thinking about using the word and to add more detail to our sentences
  • Planning and designing our very own moving toy robot. We had to think about what shapes, colours and materials we will need and how we will get it to move
  • Investigating various different fabrics in science and we talked about how they are similar and different
  • Celebrated Red, White and Blue day in memory of the end of WW1 by turning our classroom into a street party. We made our own union jack flags, bunting, paper planes and origami paper boats.

Target: To practise saying a sentence out loud and then writing it down. Can you use the word and?


This week in science we have been looking at how different fabrics are made.  We used magnifying glasses to help us to look more carefully at the different fabrics.  We then drew what we could see.  Have a look at the photos below to see us in action.

30th September 2018
This week we have been

  • Writing some super sentences by orally rehearsing before writing it down
  • Using Carrbarrs or a number line to take away and count back a single digit number
  • Playing some quickfire addition games to increase our fluency
  • Investigating which is the best type of paper to paint on, draw on and mop up water with.
  • Developing my DT skills by creating my very own cup and ball toy
  • Experimenting with different sounds by using a range of instrument

Target: Play the game below, shut the box.

Shut the box

In maths this week we played a game called 'Shut the box'.  For this game you need cards with the numbers 1-12 written on them.  Then you roll 2 dice, add the numbers together and then for example if you rolled a 2 and a 5 that would make 7, so you would turn the number 7 over.  You keep taking it in turns to roll the dice and add the numbers up and turn the number over until all the numbers have been turned over.  This is a great game for you to play at home as it helps with the children's mental addition calculations.  If you wanted to you could also record the addition sums.  See below how we did it in class.


In science we have been looking at different types of paper.  We wanted to know which type of paper would be best to paint on, mop water up and to write our names on.  See below what we got up to.

After having a go, we put the paper into order from the best to the worst.

21st September 2018
This week we have been

  • Using Carrbarrs or a number line to add and count on a single digit number.
  • Looking at number bonds and becoming more familiar with my number bonds to 10.
  • Discussing what toys are like now and comparing them with toys from the past.
  • Writing simple sentences about my favourite toy using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.
  • Exploring the properties of glass, water, brick and stone.
  • Thinking about what good learning looks like and what helps us to learn.

Target - Speedy number bonds - Try playing this game of 'Hit the Button' - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

14th September 2018

This week we have been:

  • Investigating 2D shapes and describing their properties
  • Looking at repeating patterns, including tessellating patterns using shapes
  • Exploring sounds around the classroom and sequencing sounds
  • Classifying and describing lots of different materials in science
  • Talking about my favourite toy and exploring other peoples
  • Writing some super sentences using the mighty writer  

Target - What 2D shapes can you see in your home?

We hope you all had a great summer. The children have settled in brilliantly this week. Here are some of the things we have been doing.

We have been:

  • Getting to know our new classroom.
  • Practising our routines.
  • Finding out all about Hedgehogs and writing sentences about them using adjectives.
  • Counting forwards and backwards up to 30.
  • Creating our own self portraits.
  • Finding out about Jigsaw Jack in our PSHE lessons.
  • Discussing and writing together our class charter.