Welcome to Foxes

Summer term 

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Our PE days will be on Monday and Tuesday again this term.


This week we have been:  

  • Creating and drawing our own pirate characters and writing descriptions of them.
  • Designing our own pirate islands with natural features like coves, swamps, forests and mountains.
  • Finding the difference between two numbers.
  • Using the four operations to solve word problems.
  • Finding fractions of amounts.
  • Solving logic problems.
  • Learning how to move to beats of 8 in country dancing.
  • Practicing our songs for our year 2 production.

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We have been busy rehearsing our end of Key Stage 1 play 'Pirates V Mermaids', the children have been fantastic and we can't wait for you to see it! If your child has a line to learn, please help them to practice these at home.


This week we have been:  

  • Drawing lines of symmetry on flags from around the world.
  • Solving missing number sums.
  • Improving accuracy with all 4 operations.
  • Thinking about local landmarks.
  • Making a leaflet all about Ascot.
  • Discussing the features and differences of towns and cities.
  • Working as a team to create miniature towns (see photos below).
  • Reading a map to solve clues.
  • Jumping and landing safely.


This week we have been:  

  • Learning about what a birds eye view is and drawing a birds eye view plan of the classroom.
  • Using natural materials to create Andy Goldsworthy inspired sculptures (see photos below).
  • Writing a description of Max's journey from the story Where The Wild Things Are.
  • Retelling the story Where the Wild Things Are and linking with other stories that have similar themes.
  • Improving our accuracy with all 4 operations.
  • Using trial and error to solve problems e.g "On a farm there were some hens and sheep. Altogether they had 8 heads and 22 feet. How many hens were there?"
  • Using reasoning skills to solve always, sometimes or never questions e.g if you multiple 2 even numbers together you will get an even number.

We have had  a very busy half term! The children have worked really hard and it's time for a well deserved rest. Wishing you all a very happy half term holiday. 


This week we have been:  

  • Solving problems with all 4 operations to unlock treasure chests.
  • Telling the time to 5 minute intervals.
  • Working out money problems such as how many 20p are there in £5.00?
  • Lines of symmetry.
  • Creating silly sentences using nouns and verbs.
  • Bounce passes to a partner.
  • Using oil pastels to complete pictures of birds (have a look at the pictures below).
  • Making links between different fairy tales e.g what does the three little pigs and little red riding hood got in common?
  • Using the glockenspiels to perform the friendship song.
  • Spelling common words (please see bookbags to see which words the children need to practice).

Have a look at our class jigsaw puzzle below.



This week we have been:  

  • Practising +,-, x and ÷.
  • Solving missing number sentences and word problems.
  • Identifying right angles.
  • Doing a special reading quiz.
  • Thinking about what it means to belong to something and creating our own class jigsaw.
  • Investigating why Muslims visit a mosque and exploring if this helps them feel a sense of belonging.
  • Learning how Muslims prepare for special prayer times by washing.
  • Writing paragraphs using joining words to explain our learning about belonging.


This week we have been:  

  • Looking for lines of symmetry on shapes.
  • Creating symmetrical patterns on squared paper.
  • Completing repeating patterns.
  • Money problem solving.
  • Sorting past, present and future tense sentences.
  • Learning where to use apostrophes (to show possession, e.g. Jessica's dog).
  • Writing a recount of our Easter holidays.
  • Discussing how families come in all shapes and sizes and why they are special.
  • Learning about good and bad touch.
  • Writing a recipe for a great family (see Kamile's example below!)
  • Discussing conflict- what it feels like to fall out, why we fall out and how we can mend the friendships.

Also this week we have been creating mood pictures. Have a look at Oliver's, can you guess which boxes match with these emotions: sad, angry, happy and excited?