Curriculum Planning

Have a look at your child's class topic web to see an overview of their learning for the current term by clicking on the text.

Every year the teachers look at the topics taught and make changes in order to provide the best possible learning opportunities for all children.  In 2016-17 topics were amended to reflect the increased depth of learning in the new National Curriculum and to enable all children in Years 1 and 2 to have the same learning.  We have devised a two year cycle for all subjects except English and maths.

In Years 1 and 2 we have planned three main topics - based on Creative Themes.  All classes will teach each topic once - the learning will be differentiated according to the age and ability of the children in the class.  English and maths will be taught both discretely in single subject lessons and will be fully integrated into topics.  

 Autumn Term 2018

In Key Stage 1 there will be one main topic this term until the end of November. There will then be a whole school topic week before a four week Christmas topic. In EYFS there will be topics planned to meet the children's interests.



Topic 1: Autumn

Topic 2: Celebrations

Topic 3: Winter

Topic 4: The Fish Who Could Wish

Topic 5: Dinosaurs!

Rabbits and Hedgehogs:

Autumn: Tiny Toy Makers


Spring 1 topic web

Spring 2 topic web

Foxes and Squirrels:

Autumn: A Hidden World               

The Snowman

Spring 1 topic web

Spring 2 topic web