5th December 2017

This term all the classes have been involved in a 50 mile challenge. Whenever they get a moment they get on the golden lap and travel 1/4 of a mile. Lets see who is winning the race. 

1st - Hedgehogs: 6 1/2 miles

2nd - Squirrels: 6 1/4 miles

2nd - Rabbits: 6 1/4 miles  

4th - Foxes: 5 1/2 miles  

5th - Badgers: 4 3/4 miles

EYFS Challenge 

Ladybirds & Butterflies: 7 minutes 


Well done to the whole school in joining in and getting active. As a school we have travelled 29 1/4 miles and 7mins 

This is how far we have travelled

The golden circuit

24th November 2017

With winter just around the corner, what a great time to start learning how to ski and snowboard with 25% off group ski and snowboard lessons at the Bracknell Ski & Snowboard Centre.

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Actives School Offer of the Week!

17th November 2017

We had a wonderful visit from 'The Actives' today, including Active Alfie himself. The Actives came in to drop off some membership cards that gives you access to huge variety of discounts to keep your children active. Using the sports premium funding we have decided to promote being active at home by providing every household with a membership card to make sure everyone has the chance to take advantage of this fantastic deal. Watch this space for regular top tips, challenges and enhanced discounts. If you did not manage to pick up your free membership card on Friday your child's class teacher will hand out them out. Happy saving and keep active!