Welcome to 1st Class at Number

Welcome to the first of many pages which will focus on our Maths Intervention called 1st Class at Number.

We are very lucky to be able to run this intervention at our school which enables us to help our children who need additional support in understanding their maths, move forward with their learning. This programme focuses on building children's confidence as well as their mathematics and ultimately enables them to apply their learning back in the class room.

These classes are run with children from KS1. (Years 1 and 2)

Here is a brief summary of what the intervention involves and how we roll it out within our school.

Going forward we hope to be able to give you some tips and help with supporting your children at home with their basic counting and number skills which in turn they can utilise within their numeracy lessons.


What is 1st Class at Number?

  • It is a light touch maths intervention to help build children’s confidence in using and applying number, it is part of the Every Child Counts programme.
  • It focuses on key aspects of number, drawing on research into maths areas that have been shown to cause most difficulties in young children.
  • It uses tailored pre-prepared resources and lesson plans covering 4 topics based around a post office theme and is delivered over a 6-8 week period as a supplement to daily numeracy lessons.
  • Each lesson is tailored to challenge the children in a safe and non-competitive environment through individual and group tasks, games and interactive processes.

How is 1st Class at Number applied in schools?

  • The lessons are delivered by a trained individual in small groups to intensify learning and aim to build the children’s confidence, at our school this is Mrs Wood.
  • The intervention is designed to allow us to find out what maths the children can do comfortably and build on these skills as the lessons progress, keeping in mind curriculum standards.
  • Children are selected based on various criteria but are usually those who have a solid grounding in maths but need an additional boost to help them to keep moving forward.

How we deliver 1st Class at Number at Ascot Heath Infants

  • 1st Class is delivered to 2 groups of 4 children and are delivered over an 6-8 week period, with assessments of children done both at the beginning and the end of the course. Feedback and observations are given to teachers on an informal basis whilst sessions are running. The class is 45 minutes long.
  • The sessions are run on 3 afternoons a week, with one additional session a week allocated to “in class” re-enforcement which involves a trained Teaching Assistant supporting the children in the classroom during their daily numeracy lesson.
  • Formal feedback is given to class teachers at the completion of the intervention. 

Topics Covered

Children have 24 lessons organised into 4 topics.

1.  All about Number (including sequencing, counting and recording number)

2.  Exploring Place Value (including place value tens and ones, money, counting, maths vocab)

3.  Calculation 1 (including Subtraction and Addition)

4.  Calculation 2 (including Number bonds to 10.


Place Value and Partitioning

Over the last few weeks we have been having great fun working out our place value of our 2-digit numbers, playing our Place Value game

Can you remember which column comes first when we are "looking" at our 2-digit numbers?

Think about how many Tens we have and how many Ones we have in our number......