Welcome to Squirrels - Summer Term 

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Science Week


As part of science week we have been learning about our different senses.  We learnt that our eyes are very clever but we have discovered that we can trick our eyes with optical illusions.  Have a look below at us making our own optical illusions and then see if you can see the shapes popping out of our finished pictures.


We have also been learning about our sense of taste.  We started by learning about our different taste buds.  After that we tasted some different flavour crisps and we were really good a predicting the different flavours.  Finally we used all of our knowledge of taste to write a Taste acrostic poem.  Have a read of Isabella's poem below.


Tongue tingling watermelon brings out loads of juice when you bite a big chunk out.

Apples are so sweet and make your mouth feel really fresh.

Sour lemons are amazing to make lemonade and taste so sour.

Taste buds help you to taste scrumptious delights.

Eat sugary toffee that melts in your mouth.

Week commencing 25.6.18

Today we continued to make our Peter Rabbit carts. We had to measure our wood carefully, ensuring we had 2 pieces of wood that were 18cm long and 2 pieces of wood that were 12cm long. Then we had to saw the wood using a wood block and saw. We listened carefully to Miss Barrett and Mr Ridgway to make sure we did not hurt ourselves. Below are some photographs of us at work!

Week commencing 11.6.18

The children wrote riddles this week about characters from Peter Rabbit. They thought really carefully about the characters and how they could use this knowledge to write clever clues! The children used these questions to help them think of their ideas:

What do they look like?

What clothing do they wear?

How do they behave?

What do they like to do?

Where do they live? 


Here is an example riddle that the children wrote as a class:


I am a character from a Beatrix Potter story.

I have speckled fur and razor sharp claws.

I usually wear shiny black shoes but I lost them...

I have a jacket with 4 posh brass buttons.

I was chased by Mr McGregor when I entered his garden!

Who am I?

Week commencing 8.5.18

We hope you all had a very enjoyable bank holiday weekend in the lovely sunshine! This week in Maths we are focusing on answering missing number problems. Below are a few questions:


37 - ___ = 21                  ____ - 15 = 36               94 - ____ = 45                 ____ - 39 = 


Challenge: Who can answer these at homes using their 'mickey mouse ears'?


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter break and the children are excited for the Summer term. 

In the hot weather please ensure sun cream has been applied at home and the children come to school with sun hats and a water bottle. 

To watch our birdbox webcam, click here  - an egg has been spotted underneath the feathers!