Welcome to Rabbits

May 17

 Milestones Museum 

Rabbit class thoroughly enjoyed themselves on the school trip to Milestones museum. We stepped back in time and investigated the types of toys and games children played with in the Victorian times and compared them with what we play with today. We then had chance to investigate the museum, looking in all the different shops, buildings and types of transport, investigating how it is different to now.

Of course we couldn't resist going in the sweet shop without buying some sweets. Our old fashioned pennies got us two ounces of sweets! 

May 17


Rabbit class enjoyed making their tie-dye t-shirts. They had to try and make patterns by twisting and scrunching up their t-shirts. Then they tied it up really tight using elastic bands and string and dipped it in the die to soak. Now they need to be washed and dried, ready to be used for our music festival!  

April 17

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Thank you so much for everyone's textile donations. We posted all of the clothes through the textile bank today. These can now be recycled and sent to people who will put them to good use.