Welcome to Hedgehogs!


We have had a lovely two weeks of book week and have done lots of fishy-themed learning, based on the book "Tiddler the story telling fish" by Julia Donaldson! See below for some fab pictures... 

We hope you have a lovely, healthy and restful Easter break and look forward to seeing you all in the Summer Term!

Dress up day

FASBAT Tiddler drama 

Boat making 

Boat testing - do they stay afloat?! 



This week we have put our new-found chocolate expertise to good use! After much thought and consideration we made our final ingredient choices and made our chocolate bars. We then designed the packaging to make sure they were creatively labelled and super eye-catching We are just now waiting (as patiently as we can) for the final packing process to be complete before we take them home for the ultimate taste-test...see below for a sneak preview...we think you'll agree they look WONKA-TASTIC!!

Congratulations to our new Eco members - Joey and Daisy, and our new School Council members - Eilidh and Fletcher K! 


On Monday we were lucky enough to take part in a Chinese workshop. The teacher taught us some phrases and some Chinese customs. We learnt to play some instruments, took part in a dragon dance and learnt to swirl some ribbons (without tangling them!). It was very noisy, but great fun! 


We have loved learning to sketch in the style of Quentin Blake! Check out the watercolour paintings we have had a go at - we think we could be Roald Dahl's new illustrators! 


Welcome back!

We have had a busy first couple of weeks back at school. Our new topic, 'Chocoholics', is going down very well (sorry!) and the children have embraced it with enthusiasm. We began with a chocolate tasting WOW starter  - the children tasted 7 different chocolates and described them according to smell, appearance, taste and texture, using thoughtful adjectives.

Tasty - James

Slimy - Amber

Smooth - Nora

Sweet - Joey

Scrumptious - Alana

Milky - Reese 

Crunchy - Fletcher K

Sloshy - Oliver

Hard - Matilda

They then ordered them from favourite to least favourite and wrote sentences to explain why. There were some that they loved, but some that they really weren't keen on! 


In geography, we have been learning about the journey of the cocoa bean. We have designed booklets to explain the different processes that chocolate has to go through before it tastes delicious - there are a lot! 

We are enjoying our class book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and are very eager to find out who wins the fifth golden ticket! We were inspired by Quentin Blake's illustrations and have been developing our sketching skills to draw our own versions. The children have done an amazing job I think even Quentin would be impressed with their pictures!