Welcome to Foxes

Spring Term 

Our PE days will be Monday and Tuesday this half term. 


Today the children used photos, books, models and Learn Pads to become castle experts. They were all really enthusiastic and the leaflets they produced were very detailed! Have a look at the photos below.

Foxes class are brilliant artists! Today we painted portraits of the queen. Have a look at some of the examples.

This week we have been: 

  • Telling the time (O' clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to).
  • Addition and subtraction missing numbers.
  • Using sharing to solve fractions of a number (1/2 and 1/4).
  • Using a database on the Learn Pads to answer search questions.
  • Completing our applications for the role of monarch.
  • Researching the features of castles.
  • Creating a castle leaflet.
  • Moving over, through and across the wall bars in gymnastics.
  • Painting a portrait of the queen.

Last week we received a very official looking envelope have a look at the letter inside.

We thought this sounded like an excellent opportunity and immediately started thinking about why we would be a fantastic monarch. Wren thought she would be a good queen because she puts lots of expression into her voice so she would be able to do the speeches well. Liberty thinks she would be a great queen because she's very polite and is good at shaking hands.

Unfortunately we were unable to complete our applications because of the snow but luckily we have been granted an extension! 


This week we have been: 

  • Practising our 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Solving addition and subtraction word problems. 
  • Using the inverse to solve and check number sentences.
  • Creating a mindmap about why we would make an excellent monarch.
  • Discussing the question 'who is the queen and what does she do?'
  • Putting key events on to a timeline.
  • Creating our personal timeline, thinking about what has already happened and what might happen in the future.
  • Having lots of fun during the snow day!

In the week beginning the 21st January, we had a science focus in Foxes. We started off by thinking about animals and their habitats and then wrote mixed up poems, using a variety of verbs. Here are some of the funniest ones the children thought of.

Have you ever seen...

"A camel trying to do karate in the Artic" - Quinn

"A fish sleeping under the ground" - Finn

"An elephant dancing in a nest"- Wren 

"A polar bear digging under the sea"- Ollie

We also had to be careful we used a/an correctly.

Image result for worm clipart

We then took part in a woolly worm experiment.


We stuck down the worms in order that we found them. Have a look at the nest we created. We decided it would be sensible to be a dark coloured worm. Quinn F-F thought creatively and decided he "would be a gold worm in the summer because I would be camouflaged in the dandelions" and Fletcher would be a "orange worm in the autumn because I would blend in with the leaves".

We then went out into the wild garden and thought about the different habitats and the animals that live there. Have a look at the photos below.

We decided that trees are very important habitats for lots of different creatures. Flynn had a great understanding of this. 


This week we have been: 

  • Dividing using the sharing and grouping method.
  • Practising x and ÷ word problems and showing our working out to prove our answers.
  • Sorting things into living, once living and never lived groups.
  • Investigating habitats and writing funny mixed up habitat poems.
  • Doing the Woolly worm experiment to learn about the importance of camouflage.
  • Considering how our wild garden is a habitat to many living things.
  • Using scientific words to describe food chains. E.g. predator and prey.
  • Learning when to us ‘a’ and ‘an’.
  • Balancing on a line whilst lifting up our knees.


This week we have been:  

  • Learning about how and why Muslim's pray in RE.
  • Designing our own prayer mat.
  • Learning the different prayer positions.
  • Using Mickey Mouse ears to solve missing number sums.
  • Practising addition and subtraction sums.
  • Finding the difference between two numbers.
  • Counting forwards and backwards in 10s from any two digit number.
  • Using subheadings to write about what we have learnt about praying.
  • Spelling common words: eye, could, should, would, who and whole.
  • Making different pathways on our hands and feet in gymnastics.
  • Practising balancing by walking forwards and backwards on a 'tightrope'.

This week we had a focus on RE, learning about how and why Muslims pray. We started the week by receiving a letter from Sofia the Owl. 

We found committing to exercising 5 times a day really tricky! We then learnt how Muslims pray 5 times a day. We answered who, what, when, where and why questions. Have a look at Lola's brilliant understanding.

We then made our own prayer mats, learnt the prayer positions and wrote about what we have learnt. The children's writing was fantastic! Have a look at the photos below.


This week we have been:  

  • Investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
  • Building skeletons of 3D shapes to find out how many edges they have.
  • Using logical methods to solve an ‘amaze- ing’ maths problem.
  • Considering what makes a good speaker and using these skills to share our Christmas news with each other.
  • Writing about our holidays using the past tense.
  • Learning about new year celebrations and writing our own new year resolutions.
  • Practising layering painting techniques and cutting skills to create our own firework paintings with landmark silhouettes.
  • Travelling in different ways in gymnastics