Welcome to Badgers class   


We have had a fantastic start to our Science focus weeks.  We began by helping our blindfolded partner follow a rope trail.  It was not as easy as we thought!

We then did a taste test with crisps.  We tried to work out the different flavours using our senses of taste and smell then tried again whilst holding our noses.  It wasn't so easy to tell which flavour was which without our sense of smell!

We had great fun trying out different sight experiments including trying to put a pen lid on with one eye closed, guessing which object was missing in Kim's games and seeing what happens to our pupils when we close our eyes tightly then open them.

The West End in Schools company led a drama session based on the story What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson.  We had great fun pretending to be the characters in the story.

Mrs Arden set us a very "eggciting" challenge!  We had to work together to investigate materials and decide which would be the best to protect our egg.  We had to find a way to protect our egg so that when we dropped it from a height it wouldn't crack.  This was tricky but four of the six groups were successful.  "Eggcellent" work Badgers!


We have had a very exciting week.  We received a letter from Mrs Arden's relative in Australia. We found out all about Emily's school, looked at some Australian money, played with an Aussie Rules football and taste tested Cherry Ripes, Caramel Koalas and vegemite sandwiches!  We then made Anzac biscuits to sell after school.  We'll update you on how much money we raised.

13.6.18  We have been busy gardeners over the last few weeks in Badgers class. Our class garden is looking great! We have been on slug defense and watering duty on a daily basis and we have enjoyed seeing our plants grow. 

27.4.18   Today we went on a 'walkabout' to hunt for clues to find out what our new topic was. We made some fabulous binoculars and tiptoed carefully around the wild garden searching for clues. Mrs Rogers warned us we were visiting a country  where there are some pretty dangerous animals.

We were very good at identifying the clues and worked out that our new topic is ....


We have been watching our bird box carefully. We spotted 8 eggs today!  We have also been keeping an eye on a peregrine falcon nest in Woking too.  Click on the links below to have a look.                     

                                                    Peregrines     Blue tits